2023 RV Trends – Will This Be The Busiest Year On Record?

Reservations Are Booking Up Earlier

There is no doubt that this summer is positioned to be a big one. So, what exactly are the 2023 RV trends to be aware of heading into it?

Reservations at campgrounds are being booked out further in advance than ever before. According to The Dyrt’s 2023 Camping report, “booking a campsite is three times harder than it was pre-pandemic.” Additionally, this report found that “80 million Americans went camping last year and those campsites were nearly twice as scarce as they were in 2021.”


RV Trend #1: The Decade for RV Sales

The RV industry was supercharged in growth both before and throughout the pandemic. Over the last few years, more people than ever before have discovered the joys of RV camping and have purchased a rig for themselves. 

In December 2020, the industry saw a 46.8 % increase in RV shipments. Compared to December 2019, 2021 the number of total RV shipments increase by an astounding 39.5%. Also, 2022 saw the third-best year on record for RV sales. 

Additionally, an RVIA survey published in Jan of 2023 also found that “among RVers, which is defined as people who have taken a trip in an RV they rent, own, or borrow in the past 12 months, 50% plan to buy an RV in the next year.” With three consecutive record sales years, more people than ever are ready to hit the open road.

RV Trend #2: Baby Boomers Are Back (even in 2023)

Of all the 2023 RV trends, this one may come as the biggest surprise, as the baby boomers are making a comeback! That’s right, ever since the pandemic ended, this resilient demographic has been hitting the road. This is especially noteworthy as 66% of RV owners are in the 55+ age group. With social distancing and other regulations all but gone, visitors of all ages are again hitting the open roads, ready to taste some adventure and enjoy Earth’s tranquil beauty.

RV Trend #3: More Than Baby Boomers

Not only are the baby boomers coming out in masses, we are also seeing a surge from the younger generations as well. The survey from RVIA published Jan of 2023 found that “the highest interest in RV’ing overall comes from the younger age groups. Specifically, 49% of Generation Z and 48% of Millennials plan to take an RV trip in the next year. Comparably, 41% of Generation Z and 35% of Millennials planning to buy an RV in the next year.”

RV Trend #4: Increasing Work From Home (or RV) Popularity

Work-from-home has never been more alluring. With advances in the ability to work remotely, RV’ers have seen the potential to free themselves from cubicles and commutes. 

With quality internet access available in RV Parks, it’s easy to see why people are taking such advantage. Specifically, more than 67 million people planning to take an RV trip this year! Largely because the freedom that comes with RV living and an income stream is a very alluring setup to most. The benefits of this lifestyle also reach far beyond just convenience. Specifically, perks like mental health improvements, more family time, and access to new markets to name a few. 

With the increased demand stemming, it’s easy to see why people of all ages are planning their RV trips earlier than ever before. So, go experience the joys of RV living! You’ll definitely want to plan early and reserve your camping spots ASAP.


So, there you have it. The 2023 RV trends that will be sure to give you a leg up heading into the summer. Remember, the roads are for everyone. Happy travels!

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