4 Statistics That Show the Popularity of RV’ing

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Over the last several years, there has been a massive surge in the popularity of RV’ing. Campgrounds are filling faster, new RV production is at an all-time high, and more people are planning to travel than ever before. The onset of Covid 19 in 2020 and the subsequent evolution of Covid has only heightened the popularity of RV’ing and camping as people across the USA rediscovered America’s backyard.

Now that the initial waves of the pandemic are in the rearview mirror, many people are finding that RV’ing is more popular than they remember. Across the board, we are seeing growth and excitement as more and more people have found the life-altering benefits of RV’ing and camping that we all love so much.

The reasons behind the surge in popularity are clear. Who doesn’t want the freedom of an RV with the convenience and comfort of home? We have found five stats that help to articulate the rise in popularity.

1 - Road Trips Are Coming for 2022

Road tripping is a time-honored American tradition that has seen a significant boost in recent years. According to RVshare’s 2022 Travel Trend Report, “Nearly half of likely 2022 travelers plan on taking a road trip or vacation in an RV in the next 12 months… The report goes on to say that “travelers are interested in making long road trips more exciting; experiencing nature while reconnecting with travel partners; and clearing their minds to escape, explore and discover new places.” this may come as no surprise to long time campers and RV enthusiasts, but what this shows is that the rise in popularity was not only a factor of pandemic regulations but a much larger trend towards vacationing via car, bus, or RV.   

Additional eye-popping stats from the report: 

  • 53% of travelers say they’re likely to consider renting an RV for a trip in the future. 
  • 70% of Millennials and 54% of Gen Xers plan to take a road trip or vacation in an RV in the next 12 months.

2 - National Parks Are Exploding

A massive reason for the increasing popularity of RV’ing are our national parks across America. The national park system holds some of the most beautiful and majestic landscapes our country has to offer and provides an attractive destination to anyone looking to relax and enjoy America’s most magnificent natural wonders.  

According to RVshare’s 2022 Travel Trend Report, “Planning a trip to a National Park, the majority of travelers (85%) would be at least somewhat likely to choose an RV over other accommodation options, including 26% who say they’d be 100% likely to do so. Furthermore, when deciding on the type of vacation for the coming year, nearly two-thirds of likely 2022 travelers (63%) are looking for beautiful scenery, and half (50%) are considering outdoor activities. 

3 - RV Production

According to ITR Economics, the latest projection shows total 2021 RV shipments ranging between 565,848 and 586,281 units, with the most likely year-end total being 576,065 units. That total would represent a 33.8% increase over the 2020 year-end total of 430,412 units. It would also be a 14.1% gain over the current, comparable record high of 504,600 units in 2017.

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4 - RV Ownership

The study found RV ownership has increased over 62% in the last twenty years, with a record 11.2 million RV owning households… Additionally, an incredible 9.6 million households intend to buy an RV within the next 5 years. Nearly a third of the respondents in the study (31%) are “first-time owners,” underscoring the industry’s growth in the past decade. If that doesn’t highlight the increasing popularity of RV’ing, then what does?

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